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A fast moving thriller about American Nazis and Arabs wreaking havoc in the USA. Very exciting and extremely emotional. It takes some real concentration to keep up with the characters, but well worth the effort.

Patti Jane

A Devil In Your Hedgerow

Samurai. Texas Rangers. Fathers. Sons. Honor. Revenge. Guadalcanal and the vagaries of fate and life. Jordan has again produced a masterful work, creating complex, interesting characters woven seamlessly into an even more complex story line.It literally is, as was his last work, a page turner. And yet each page is so full of surprises that you keep shaking your head at the twist and turns that you did not expect.

Mark Reifkind

Broken English

If his first entry kicked in the door, this one goes straight through the wall. Take a bucket of reality/ historically rich accuracy then shower it with the very edge of mans vs beasts reasoning, and you get this vine like creation called Broken English by Jordan Vezina.

Dean Jolly

Broken English


  Jordan is a former Infantry Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and has worn many hats.  He currently lives in Palo Alto, CA where he intermingles with self driving cars and imploding tech start ups. Jordan writes historical fiction.

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